Our values

technical excellence,

customers relationship,

innovative concepts,


and international focus. 

LPW offers the most comprehensive assistance in meeting the modern economy's space needs through analysis, implementation and maintenance of your real estate investments in logistics, trade, and business.  

LPW is an independent company formed from the Core Investments group experience in real estate and Coperfil group experience in construction, and offers a specific product concept for each area of activity. We aim for technical excelence in the logistics, industrial, retail, and business sectors.
Our Brand

The success of the LPW brand and intangible concepts associated with it have led us to develop a new project-level business model called Logispark World, both for development and investment in logistics parks and for development and investment in commercial parks or business parks.

Our site LPW.net

This site is designed and directly maintained by the LPW team.
This integrated business management uses Google's main free platforms as part of a philosophy of low-cost mix, business 2.0 and social networking.
In our site you will have access to the products and services offered by LPW.


Our Team

LPW consists of a team of professionals with a high level of training and experience in the real estate and construction sectors.

This full-service international team provides coverage to the entire value chain of real estate transactions, from the investment proposal to the delivery and management of operational assets. 

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The 6c Bussiness Model
Our 6c business model is an exclusive
model unique to LPW,
based in six main services: