LPW.net is the official website of the LPW (Large Projects Worldwide) company. The site is open to web publishing (comments), offering services, products and investment transactions, electronic commerce (portal and marketplace), advertising campaigns (marketing), communication with customers and suppliers (extranet), social connections (fan and friend connections), media (microblogging, blogging and wiki), gated communities (group management), collaboration and project management (collaborative environment), internal communication (intranet), corporate communications (news), and presentations and studies (document management). 

This site is designed and maintained directly by the LPW team, in fact, this integrated business management itself uses Google's main free platform. This is one part of our low-cost mix philosophy, business 2.0, and social networking. 

On this site, you will find plenty of information on the supply of goods and services of LPW. The website allows you to offer or seek for rent, purchase space for your business, meet new projects, manage your own, get background information, share knowledge, join the LPW community  and develop solutions for buildings, such as logistics, commercial, and business parks that meet the current and future needs of quality, efficiency, health, and sustainability. 

LPW.net allows people to access all the incorporated documents without having any specific program, which allows them to easily navigate through the website and reach desired information from any device with an internet access by using any major Web browsers on the market. 

This page will help you stay updated and informed about developments in LPW. 

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