Business Model

LPW is the most comprehensive offer which meets the space needs of the modern economy through analysis, implementation, and maintenance of building real estate investments in logistics and trade businesses.
LPW offers the use of these marks through different types of operations, a unique combination of products, services, brands, marketing channels, and social management. The company organized a powerful web platform that becomes the meeting point of supply and demand, products and services, tools, and people.

A highly specialized team is responsible for delivering and completing this unique offer to: 
- Investors
- Operators
- Users
- Landowners
- Large developers and
- General government

The business model 6c is an exclusive and unique model from LPW that is based on:

- fidelity to our brand as an owner of an original concept;
- an acknowledge to our capacity to manage complex investment operations (contract);
- an extremely competitive construction metodology; 
- single powerful control platfroms and our intention to Co-invesment in projects with our customers;
- the creation of a proffesional and social networking in order to Commerce in an effective way
- improving expectation and experience of our customers by taking Care of their buildings.