The LPW Brand

LPW arises from the evolution of innovative real estate concept created by Coperfil Group in 2003, the network of logistic parks Logispark.

LPW has helped to change the traditional concept of logistics, driving business spaces and integrated services in the territory. It creates a balance where transportation, communication, and technology can coexist with the landscape, land use, mobility, and architecture. 

The success of LPW's mark and its intangible concepts help us to define the project-level business model, called LPW, which is created for development and investment in logistic parks and for development and investment in logistics, commercial,and business parks. 

LPW is a brand that can process and retain naturaly quickly. There are some certain concepts associated with the values of our company: technical excellence, customer relationships, innovative concepts, and technological leadership. 

These concepts are robust and aligned with the needs of the new economy and the concerns of our customers. Also, excellent territories for the buildings, offered by LPW, is another additional concept that the company applies in its business.

Every Logispark building reflects innovation, leadership, excellence and uniqueness. In addition to the concepts associated with the LPW Service, the adoption of certain physical characteristics allows logistics parks to be under the Logispark brand, terail parks to be under ViaPark or GreenPark brands, and finally business parks to be under ActivaPark brand. Overall, they are all "Designed in Barcelona"