LPW aims to be
the meeting point between investment and space requirements of the new economy


LogisPark Investment Lifecycle Management is a unique offering in the market that specifically seeks to achieve better customer retention and improve investment yield.
Customer is a generic term which in the case of LPW serves to refer to any of the parties to allow the development of transactions agreed to meet different needs of space or investment.

The products and services offered by LPW provides our customers with a solution to design, concept, construction, marketing and commerce, investment management and asset management. 


Our business model includes a set of Web tools, by which our customers can:

- understand of the savings achieved during the negotiations and spending recruitment.

- improve efficiency of marketing
and fulfillment of contracts.
- control the daily operations


Our customers:
The investors can maximize the yield and minimize the risks in the business service offered by LPW, offering both unique service and products.
Our final target is to satisfy the operator's needs and the user's demands from our logistics, retail and office parks.
We offer added value services to developers interested in adding a specialized partner to his project who has wide experience.
Land Owners
Land Owners contribute with the lands where LPW projects are developed. They can join the project, if required.
Public Sector
The experience of LPW in the design of projects in different regions and countries, make us an important collaborator for the public sector.