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 LPW is built through several levels of its Community where social interaction is more important than other interactions and where different levels of interest group to allow learners to help each other and in so doing become the engine of the transformation of this business. 

We want to facilitate participation, listening and learning, to turn information into useful knowledge for all parties, promote collaboration, foster a network of contacts, find travel companions and more.
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With almost 14,000 groups in the world related with logistics, almost 6,000 groups talking about real estated, and more than 7,000 with investment matters, the only answer for the chain "logistic real estate investment" is LogisPark World.
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Is a colaborative entorn developed by the LPW team, which integrates Web Tools 2.0 from latest generation.

Expansion managers from operators, developers, land owners, investors and public sector work together and collaborate actively.