From the moment that raises the possibility of collaborating on projects proposed to LPW, there was a great expansion for responsibility of operators, developers, investors, and key customers to use our collaboration platform.

    Our innovative system works integrating and supplementing without replacing people. Several online tools allow to keep a productive meeting, sharing any data, edit some estimates of timescales, cost and profitability. etc. It is like a "box of tools" just one click away.

    When this possibility of collaboration matures, the project incorporates into the collaborative Logispark area, which combines the advantages of online communication with a private website based structure, which is necessary for proper management of the projects that can be adapted by participants.

    There are no barriers to the adoption of collaborative environment for LPW. It will become a tool capable of redefining many aspects of our communication and our daily work; moreover, it has the ability to redefine the way we work.

    You can contact Logispark Group for invitation to collaborate on a project.