LPW is built through several levels of communities where social interaction is more important than other interactions, and where different levels of interest group allow learners to help each other; therefore, they become the engine of the transformation of this business.

    We want to facilitate participation, listening, and learning to turn information into useful knowledge for all parties. We want to promote collaboration, foster a network of contacts, find travel companions, etc.

   LPW is an open web where visitors anonymously can read the blogs of our staff and news of the company. Additionally, the site provides a wiki articles and other third-party resources. Lastly, we try to convert all those multiple visitors, who can be captured through the distribution of links on the major social networks   (viral distribution), into fans.

    When our visitors like our site, they can easily register (sign-up) and be friends with people with similar interests using their accounts in other communities and social networks, thus, sharing knowledge and collaborating with business activities. 

    Friends can also access additional content from the website and subscribe to the newsletter Logispark World.

    Our most active contacts are invited to join a Membership group where they can stay in close contact with people whose professional reputation is growing on the basis of a large space. 

    The multiple pathways and the variety of interests of this social space, called LPW, supported by Web 2.0 social tools, allow direct and cross connections between fans, friends, party members, partners, and employees. It facilitaes the establishment of known channels and gives us a better objective of virtual connection with any person on the planet. It can be done through a series of links that, according to the theory of Duncan Watts, should not exceed six degrees.  
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