Logispark One World group aims to be a meeting point for investment professionals, operators, enterprises, government, and other related sectors, so it is enough to provide minimum information to validate the incoming members.

    Also, our group is the main tool for improving customer relationship and more convenient way to contact the company.
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What makes this community attractive .....

posted Feb 1, 2010, 3:42 AM by Joan Miquel Joaquim   [ updated Jun 20, 2011, 2:10 PM by X Juez ]

What makes this community attractive in a time when you have a hundred other places vying for your attention?

According Peter Kollock (UCLA) there are 4 Motivations for contributing in a group: 

- Reciprocity 
- Reputation 
- Increased sense of efficacy 
- Attachment to and need of a group 

The attractive of Logispark Group will be to satisfy those motivations. 

All great societies provide informal meeting places, like the Forum in ancient Rome or a contemporary English pub. But since World War II, we are ceased doing so. 

Social webs are the new meeting places.The Social Web is a digital space where data about human interactions is as important as other  data types for providing value. And when those humans care about each other are creating a Community. 

Logispark World is a Social web, the meeting place between needs of logistic, retail o business space and investment interests. Logispark Group is the Community. 

A site like Logispark World is social at the core when is built around Social Tools. 

Social Tools can be loosely defined as software which supports, extends, or derives added value from, human social behavior - message- boards, musical taste-sharing, photo-sharing, instant messaging, mailing lists, social networking. 

When this site want to leverage our customers to promote our product, we're talking about about Social Marketing. And when customers help each other to reduce support costs is Social Support 

Logispark World is like a building created by placing the load bearing  elements around the social spaces (defined by activities and human groups), and not modifying the social spaces to conform to the engineering structure of the building. 

Because people are different, and the way they want to place their space in a neighborhood, we've made e a clear distinction between several kinds of spaces, like several kinds of homes--those on quiet backwaters, those on busy streets, and those that are more or less in- between. 

Logispark Group is like a neighborhood on quiet backwaters, and houses are themselves physically secluded, were the people interact or form relationships sharing ideas, contacts, services and products. 

What makes this community attractive in a time when you have a hundred other places vying for your attention? 

That is our first debate !! 

We can't ask everyone to say what they want, but in Logispark Group we will like to ask a few folks "if we can offer you X, will help you? 

And you need to know the personal worth of those offers. 

Or point of view is simple, your motivation for being part of Logispark World not will be the collective wisdom, will be your personal worth on Reciprocity, Reputation, Efficacy and common needs!! 

And we work harder for that! 

We're designing  a way for you will be members in good standing, a way in which good works will be recognized, and a sophisticated way for giving a formal karma to your identity. 

Logispark Group will have a limited  number of members and no more of 150 for each senior administrator. 

Some other patterns for having success creating our community: 

Frictionless:  I think, I blink. 
At Hand: See it, use it 
Impactful.Maximize outreach 
Targeted: Features for the most useful community 


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