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Our Contract concept: best solutions for investors

posted Jul 7, 2010, 1:28 AM by Joan Miquel Joaquim   [ updated Jun 20, 2011, 2:10 PM by X Juez ]
Nowadays, real estate investment is within every well diversified investment portfolio. Despite global situation, there are still good real estate investment opportunities with higher yields than the ones given by similar risk alternatives. 
Operators from every economic activity (logistics, industrial, retail, hotels…) are prone to leasing options rather than to buy the buildings they operate in and they are willing to sign long term contracts, minimizing risks for the investor. In this whole process, investors and operators demand a holistic and direct service to maximize the value created.

    We compatibilize the expansion needs of the operator with the investment strategy of the investor. Starting from an operator demand, we find the best plot for it and design the project that will match operator and investors’ needs best. Once we have the plot optioned and the operator signed , we find the investor from our pool (ranging from developers, family offices or REITs…) that will afford the investment with the aim of getting recurrent cash flows and a possible future capital gain, being the most recurrent operations those of forward funding and forward purchase.

    So, what do we offer from Logispark World Contract services?

- Search for investor or operator for a given operation.

- Analysis of operator and investor needs.

- Search the plot that suits them.

- Study of economic and financial viability of the operation.

- Analysis of the types of real estate transaction to use.

- Optimization of project implementation.

- Consulting prior to the firm of the operation.

- Specifications definition (type of construction, materials, facilities, ...)

- Design of the building, in order to fit the user's operating parameters, investment and energy efficiency.

- Fund-raising and definition of optimal structure of liabilities.

- Construction Management (team management, monitoring of planning, costs control, resourcse control, supplies control, risk, quality, communication plan, license management, ...).

- Construction.


The structure of the transaction is supported by various contracts between the investor and the different actors establishing the rights and duties of all, to ensure the success of the operation:

- Plot: land sale contract

- Construction: delegated promotion contract

- Commerce: lease of a future thing

The Logispark solutions are based in our extensive market knowledge (logistics, retail, industrial, hotels) and the vast experience in developing real estate projects in this fields.

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