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Architecture nowadays: Saving without compromising Design.

posted Oct 4, 2010, 3:30 AM by Joan Miquel Joaquim   [ updated Jun 20, 2011, 2:10 PM by X Juez ]

At LPW we think that companies must differentiate themselves from competitors. As it has always been, companies mainly should do it with their products, offering competitive prices and high quality. We see that in a time like the present, Architecture can also help to improve yields, differentiate companies’ image and to improve their hallmark.

The headquarters, shops or warehouses of a company, are becoming more representative places where customers perceive an idea of the quality of products they buy, the company's professionalism and modernity of it.

We don’t have to forget the current real estate crisis, so it is necessary to avoid unnecessary expenses and we must choose energy and constructive saving as drivers for a correct design concept. This will maybe increase the initial investment but it will be recovered in a short to medium term. We should opt for constructing the most prefabricated and modular buildings as possible. We should make subdivided buildings that can respond to future changing needs. Flexibility is one of the most important qualities required for a building due to the ephemeral nature of business and companies.

For these reasons we must focus on the use of the latest technologies in a matter of energy saving, environmental quality (natural lighting, proper ventilation and temperature, ..) or minimalism in interior decorating. Obviously we should not forget the functionality required to any building, which will be the first requirement to be solved as it is the most important fact for developing a business.

We can therefore say that we must focus on ECODESIGN since the beginning of the project.  

The architecture we must develop nowadays has to respond to the drivers of the new economic paradigm: Information, Health and Energy. But how?


Information: Information and change, update, flexibility, adaptation, modernization. Intelligent building designs for intelligent people, a customized and modular design, a design capable of taking on new challenges.

Health: We must create high quality architecture with healthy and attractive spaces that will provide motivation for employees. The spaces will provide as well physical and mental health, which will be the key to achieve a good working result. The buildings are not only occupied, but they are inhabited.

Energy: Having the latest active and passive solutions for energy saving will help to save money and to transmit an image of a high quality and innovative brand. We should design non energy consuming buildings, but power generator buildings.


Architects must now be conscious that the golden age of real estate has been left behind and we must adapt the new needs to our designs in order to still develop an outstanding architecture and to be ready for the new and more exigent current economic situation.  

Xabier Juez

LPW Architect