LogisPark, our Logistics parks
LOGISPARK ® defines logistics parks located at strategic locations near urban centers and densely populated major cities, seeking proximity to centers of production and consumption, in order to achieve better lead times and lower costs.
LPW creates and develops unique real estate products, under a global concept which solves our users and customers requirements, and at the same time, maximizes the building's real estate value.
Our parks, under our LOGISPARK® brand, are designed according to criteria of sustainability and quality construction solutions, finishes and facilities, relying on extensive experience in the construction of logistics parks and the expertise of our team.


Moduspark is a real estate product based on modular construction.

It provides fast construction and assembly, and the modules themselves contain optimized dimensions and anchors for shipping.

We in Moduspark can offer to:

Study the needs and locate clients.
Find local and international investors.
Find locations.
Design production centers.
Manage the work through our programs of Construction and Project Management.
Start production centers and oversee its initial phase.

In addition, Moduspark offers a customization service for building and planning projects, so that a local agent can cover all the needs  for a modular residential project.

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Ecodesign in our Buildings  

Our buildings, spaces and common zones optimize:
           - Durability             - Reparation
           - Updatable            - Recycling
 Energy efficiency measures:
  • Thermal building insulation design
  • Low waste thermal installations
  • Low waste inner lighting installations
  • Low waste exterior lighting installations 
Our retail parks possess gardens with an easy access, ample parking and are located near high-capacity routes. Lastly, environment is more than a place for trade. A pleasant environment allows people to have a joyful shopping experience and provides great place to relax with family and friends. 

A "business mix" guarantees public affluence which manages to attract major brands and secures the marketing of the park buildings for a long period of time.

Large companies believe that ideal parks need space for showrooms and supermarkets. Some retail parks show a lack of understanding that their parks, suitable for businesses, need more space. They need more space not only for reception of goods but also to satisfy customers' expectations which will improve the both chances of selling the product and making customers return to the retail park.


Designed for small companies and all kinds of professionals, OPENPARK eases a difficult relationship between sectors and experience. They are buildings proven to boost and improve job quality for the people who work there. They are an incredible investment opportunity. Our business parks include all of the services and facilities to help people to increase productivity and reach their goals, and companies to develop faster.

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Business Case

  • Logis Bages LOGIS Bages, Barcelona province, covers a total area of 87,000 sqm. It has a strategic location at the confluence of Eix Transversal (C-25) with the Eix del Llobregat ...
    Posted Jun 20, 2011, 2:10 PM by Joan Miquel Joaquim
  • Cortefiel Aranjuez LPW participated jointly with General Electric Real Estate (GERE) in the analysis and negotiation for the acquisition of logistics property assets Cortefiel, whose main project was to develop a new ...
    Posted Jun 20, 2011, 2:10 PM by Joan Miquel Joaquim
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