Green Building Programme

Our buildings follow the Green Building Programme (GBP) which oblige and adopt the main global strategy towards increasing both energy savings and environment sustainability.

Among the sustainable initiatives that can be applied to our buildings we can distinguish between passive solutions - which reduce energy demand by architectural and construction techniques - and active solutions - incorporating renewable energy installations of different technologies -.

Passive Solutions:

-Storm water collection for irrigation
-Roof gardens
-Parking area with gravel to collect storm water
-Large windows to provide natural light 
-Geothermal Installation
-Natural Ventilation
-Using of recycled materials. 
-Ventilated facades

Active Solutions:

-Photovoltaic panels on deck.
-Thermal solar panels to supply the demand of heating and cooling (using absorption machines)
-Biomass boiler
-Energy collectors that serve as skylights on deck
-Efficient lighting and LED.
-South facing façades protection by slats
-Wind Turbines

Green Building Programme in Logispark Meco-R2

The Green Building certificate obligates a minimum 25% reduction of energy consumption; however, in some cases like the Logispark Meco R-2 it has archieved approximately 50% of the reduction.

The following key steps are normally taken in our buildings in order to reduce the energy consumption and are installed in the case of Meco R-2:

Photovoltaic solar roof: Installation of photovoltaic panels (261kWp) reduces 26,8% of the energy consumption. 

Warehouse lighting: Improvement in the quality and efficiency of the lighting reduces 22,5%of the energy consumption.

Low-energy lighting.
Automatic lighting sensors that give the optimal intensity of light according to existing natural lighting.
Increased skylight surface (improves natural lighting by 10%).
Increased transmittance of the skylights (more lighting per sqm).

Offices lighting: More efficient use of lighting reduces 0,7% of the energy consumption.

Low-energy lighting.
Automatic lighting sensors.
Open air conditioned office areas separated by special screens.

Special design characteristics:

Insulated facades and roofing.
Warehouse loading ramps.
35 metre deep truck courts.
Efficient parking area.
Enclosing perimeter fence.