LPW defines logistic parks located at strategic locations near urban centers and densely populated major cities, seeking proximity to centers of production and consumption.

The locations offer a warranty due to the existence of skilled labor.

Global economic development is based on the evolution of the large cities, which focus in the future population and economic growth and therefore fall into the consumption capacity.

These large clusters are formed by creating markets with catchment areas of 250 km radius among these first and interstitially developing secondary markets.

Our strategy is to focus our efforts in these markets, which results in always putting us into great travel locations for real estate value. These areas are in the central logistical "prime" because that's where logistics will be developed for major new roads.


Our parks are designed according to criteria of sustainability and quality construction solutions, finishes and facilities, relying on an extensive experience in the construction of logistic parks and the expertise of our team.

Our involvement in the operation and maintenance of LOGISPARK ® ensures a high level of monitoring and ensuring continuous improvement.

The feedback ensures our clients meet their needs and allows taking into account their contributions for new projects.

Each element of the park facility is designed to reassure the logistic operator. The design of our parks is primarily intended for maximum maneuverability of vehicles. We also pay close attention to the design and location of landscaped areas, allowing employees to feel relaxed.

Logistic building

Our parks are designed for optimal use; logistical indoor and outdoor spaces are designed for seamless movement of  goods without any barriers and with respect to the areas designated to the citizens.

Different kinds, same concept...
Planned for optimal logistic use, with a functional design and all the experience from LPW. They include the best European standards regarding construction, anti-fire secutiry, sustainability and heatlh. 
Designed for high added value logistics, located in prime zones, with superior quality finishes, singular architectonic design and first level technological specifications. 
 They include wide garden spaces and additional services for an independent
park operation: petrol station, hotels, business center, restaurants, etc.