So, what do we offer at LPW Contract services?

- Search for an investor or operator for a specific operation.

- Analysis of both the operators and investors needs.

- Find a plot that suits them.

- Study of the economic and financial viability of the operation.

- Analysis of the type of real estate transaction to use.

- Optimization of project implementation.

- Consulting prior to the form of the operation.

- Specifications definition (type of construction, materials, facilities, ...)

- Design of the building, in order to fit the user's operating parameters, investment and energy efficiency.

- Fund-raising and definition of optimal structure of liabilities.

- Construction Management (team management, monitoring of planning, costs control, resource control, supplies control, risk, quality, communication plan, license management, etc).

- Construction.


The structure of the transaction is supported by various contracts between the investor and the different actors, establishing the rights and duties of all to ensure the success of the operation:

- Plot: land sale contract

- Construction: delegated promotion contract

- Commerce: a future lease

The LPW solutions are based in our extensive market knowledge (logistics, retail, industrial, hotels) and the vast experience we have in developing real estate projects in these fields.

Nowadays, real estate investment is within every well-diversified investment portfolio and allows higher yields than the ones given by similar risk alternatives. Operators from every economic activity (logistics, industrial, retail, hotels) are prone to leasing rather than buying the buildings they operate in; therefore, they are willing to sign long term contracts minimizing risks for the investors. 

LPW combines the expansion needs of the operator with the investment strategy of the investor, so we can use different kinds of operations, for example forward funding or forward purchase, whichever looks the best fit in each case.