In order to commerce customers' real estate products, LPW offers our customers a great chance to use our wide contact network from LPW Community.
Retail and logistic operators, investors, land owners, developers, public sector, users, etc.

All of these people actively take part in LPW. Their knowledge and collaboration with our projects are the best guarantee for our customers to assure their project's commerce success.

Our website,, is the meeting point for real estate investment professionals. It contains the tools to manage the commerce process for real estate products, such as marketplace, land register, marketing campaigns, news, LPW Friends Post, LPW Linkedin Group, etc.

With almost 14,000 groups in the world related to logistics, almost 6,000 groups talking about real estate, and more than 7,000 with investment matters, the only answer for "logistic real estate investment" is LPW.
The best contact network for logistic and retail real estate investment professionals, at your disposal to commerce your products. 
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