LPW manages portfolios of logistics, commercial, and corporate parks from different investors and developers; developments are made from LPW's foundation.

Proper asset management optimizes the value created during development, increases profitability, and extends the life of the product. In addition, shared management of assets allows greater savings by obtaining economies of scale.

Our services are grouped into three main areas: Property Management, Facility Management, and Asset Management:

Property Management

Operational Management                                                          Tenants Management

- Reception and launch of buildings                                             - Monitoring contracts compliance
- Preventive maintenance plan                                                   - Care and response to problems in the park
- Monitoring maintenance facilities                                              - Communications with tenants
   common and exclusive                                                           - Monitoring customer satisfaction
- Energy efficiency                                                                  - Tracking warranties
- Implementation of internal governance rules                               - Control of uses and activities
- Technical reporting                                                                - Monitoring new tenants entries
- Monitoring compliance with regulations                                      - Monitoring tenants exits
- Control and monitoring of works of clients                                  - Legal Advice on leases
- Plan of investments and improvements
- Emergency procedures and safety
- Contract management and suppliers relationship
- Relations with government authorities and public administrations
- Representation in mechanisms for conserving and owners' 
- Insurance Consulting

Financial Management                                                              Commercial Management

- Billing                                                                                    - Park commercialization
- Charges management                                                               - Contract renewals
- Unpaid management                                                               - Negotiations of new contracts
- Annual budget revenue and expenditure
- Budgetary control
- Managing common expenses and re-invoicing

Facility Management

Technical Maintenance                                                             Non-technical Maintenance

- Fire protection                                                                        - Cleaning
- Electricity                                                                                      * Covers
- Air conditioning                                                                              * Facades
- Smoke evacuation                                                                          * Offices
- Plumbing                                                                                       * Exterior
- Solar installations                                                                           * Inner
                                                                                                      * Gardening
                                                                                                      * Pest Control
- Security
- Projects and Monitoring implementation of conditionings                   * Surveillance
- Reforms                                                                                        
* Concierge

Asset Management

Business Plan                                                                         
Financial Analysis

- Market analysis and surroundings                                            - Budget Control
- Marketing strategy                                                                  - Economic analysis. Indicators
- Income and yields estimates of the future                                 - CAPEX Forecast
- Return-risk maps                                                                    - Monthly Report
- Asset Rating
- Rating the customer mix
- Optimizing asset value
- Portfolio Strategy
- Report of profitability
- Identification of actions
- Establishment of priority actions