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The Strategic Alliances is a step further than a partnership, that could last for many years. 
As long as there's continued value to the shared audience, strategic alliances produce streams of referral business, which is ultimately what will benefit the companies over time.

The profile of our Strategic Allies could be: 
  • Worldwide Tenants.
  • Investment Managers.
  • Global Land Brokers

Both allies must have similar products or services that are directed towards  the same target audience, but which are not in direct competition with each other.

In our new economy, strategic alliances enable businesses to gain competitive advantage through access to a partner's resources, including markets, technologies, capital and people.

Teaming up with others adds complementary resources and capabilities, enabling allies to grow and expand both more quickly and efficiently. As global markets open up and competition grows, midsize companies need to be increasingly creative about how and with whom they align themselves to tackle the market.

What can offer LPW to its Strategic Ally?
  • A consolidated Real Estate brand with differentiated products whose potential exceeds that of the local target markets;
  • A desire to continue growing and expand its activity to new markets
  • An organizational structure, with experienced teams that can manage from the conception to the final development, the whole life cycle of a real estate investment. 

With these 3 conditions, LPW is prepared to develop the strengths it needs to successfully engage in strategic alliances.