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Commercial Development Management

We are the unique and differentiated offer in commercial real estate development management.

LPW's capabilities include a broad array of real estate developments, from logistic and distribution centers, mixed use and retail parks, corporate headquarters and offices to accommodation urban complexes.

Development Managers are the coordinators of the activities, converting ideas on paper into real property.

Real estate development management includes making all decisions regarding every aspect of the project's development, financial, marketing, and operating affairs from beginning to end. The money-giver (client or investor) has to contact real estate management group – specialists who manage, market and maintain his or her investment and the whole project.

Development Managers create, imagine, control and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end.

Development Managers can determine the marketing of the property, develop the building, program and design, obtain the necessary public approval and financing, build the structure, and lease, manage, and ultimately sell it.

Development Managers work with many different counterparts along each step of this process, including architects, city planners, engineers, surveyors, inspectors, contractors, leasing agents and more.

Development management is the term that has been coined to include the range of activities and interactions that together transform the 'control of development and the use of land' into a more positive and proactive process that:
  • fits better with the ethos of spatial planning and
  • better supports local authorities in their role as place shapers.

Development management uses the familiar apparatus of planning applications and planning enforcement. It uses these not just to control the effects of unrestricted development, but as a proactive tool for managing development opportunities. This is done to optimise the benefits for the community of inward investment in development.

The objective of development management is to facilitate the creation of sustainable developments. It should enable the development of places and buildings that will lead to improvements in the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the area.


  • Accounting / Control / Reporting.
  • Architectural and Engineering
  • Contract negotiation.
  • Budget development and administration.
  • Conceptual development.
  • Construction buyout.
  • Construction management.
  • Design coordination
  • Environmental and site evaluations
  • Feasibility and economic analysis
  • Government approval coordination
  • Marketing and public relation
  • Operations and maintenance planning
  • Scheduling
  • Tenant management.
  • Property management
  • Asset management