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LPW Partnership Program, is a teaming up strategy,  which serves to leverage available marketing resources to find new customers. 

We believe that partnership is the best decision about how and where to put resources in terms of time and money to add new costumers.

The teaming strategy, is through what's known as a "host-beneficiary" arrangement. In this arrangement, another business with the same target customer will use their database to promote your business. 

The partner might offer LPW,  products and services as part of a wide range of services.

To draw in the local partner, LPW offer to share the profits on its project or investment.

We are open to incorporate new partners in the 50 biggest agglomerations of the world.
Partnership Program

Strategy: We are looking for partners to form companies in the Top 50 investment world markets. 
The partnership will be formed at 50% participation of the partner and 50% of LPW, creating LP Country (LPC).

Partnership: The partner will bring the local knowledge in order to find development and investment opportunities and LPW will provide his brands, experience and know-how in the real estate business. 

The shareholders’ agreement is for 2 years. If the newly created partnership does not succeed, the agreement automatically expires and leaves no liabilities to either party.

Business: LPC’s duty is to look for investors, operators, and landowners to develop all real estate investment operations, using the partner and international network of LPW. 

Partnership Tasks

Main services provided by Partner:

Local market research
Plots research
Relations with local investors and local tenants
Relations with administrations
Accountancy and tax management
Real Estate opportunities research
Licenses management

Main services provided by LPW

Initial product training
Development know-how
New product updates
Relations with International Operators (retail and logistics) and Investors
Own concept product and brands
Procurement/Architecture/Engineering (BIM). Technical support
Financial and project viability analysis