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This is a compilation of some of our latest projects. Among this compilation we can find logistic parks, industrial parks, retail parks, office buildings, hotels or shopping malls..

Bayer Headquarters. Barcelona

Year of construction: 2008

Value (USD): $ 144,000,000.

Owner: Bayer.

Developer: CORE Investments

34,000 sq. m. headquarters in Barcelona for Bayer España.

Viapark Vicar. Almería

Year of construction: 2008

Value (USD): $ 99,000,000.

Owner: Aguas San Isidro

Developer: CORE Investments

Retail Park located 13 km west of Almeria, with 30.000 sq.m. of modern retail warehouses.  .

Central Logis Vila-rodona. Tarragona

Year of construction: 2009

Value (USD): $ 129,000,000.

Owner: General Electric Real Estate

Developer: Transactiva.

Logistic park built on 18 hectares of land, with more than 110,000 sq.m. built of modern warehouses. We worked closely with the developer and the investor, designing the park, and managing the construction and project management of the whole project.

Hotel Ibis. Molins de Rei, Barcelona.

Hotel Confortel. Barcelona.

Logispark Sallent. Barcelona

Year of construction: 2007

Value (USD): $ 35.000.000

Owner: Sallent  Logistics

Developer: CORE Investments

Logistic Park located 65 km north of Barcelona, with 54.000 sq.m. of modern Class A warehouses

SCA Factory. Puigpelat, Tarragona

Year of construction: 2007

Value (USD): $ 98.400.000.

Owner: SCA

Developer: SCA

Industrial facilities for tissue paper manufacturing and converting, built on 25 hectares of land, with more than 156,000 sq.m. of production facilities and warehouses. We worked closely with SCA, designing the premises and managing the construction and project management of the whole project.

Logispark Ciempozuelos. Madrid

Year of construction: 2007

Value (USD): $ 93,600,000.

Owner: SEB.

Developer: Coperfil Real Estate Group

Logistic Park located 30 km south of Madrid, with more than 80,000 sq.m. of modern Class A warehouses. 

Shopping Mall. Sant Celoni, Barcelona.

BMW Center. Guadalajara.

Logispark Sollana. Valencia

Year of construction: 2008

Value (USD): $ 

Owner: ING Real Estate

Developer: CORE Investments

Logistic Park located 20 km south from Valencia, with 26.612 sq.m. of modern Class A warehouses

Viapark Murcia. Murcia

Activapark Ciempozuelos. Madrid

Light industry park in the Madrid suburbs.

Mapfre Offices. Oviedo

Logispark Carmona. Sevilla.

Logispark Meco R2. Madrid.

This Logispark is located 38 kilometers away from Madrid, on the R-2 motorway. The site lies at the center of the most important logistic corridor in the Madrid metropolitan area. The new park consists of two buildings with a total area of 35.134 sq.m.